unc0ver iOS 15.1 Jailbreak v7.1.0 is Now Out Support Apple A14 – A15 Bionic With Cydia.

If you are looking to perform jailbreak iOS 15.0.2 on your iPhone or iPad, then you are going to want to be armed with the latest information.  We compared two 6-core processors: Apple A14-15 Bionic (with Apple GPU graphics) and A12 Bionic (Apple A12 Bionic GPU and A14 – A15 Bionic). Here you will find the pros and cons of each chip, technical specs, and comprehensive tests in benchmarks, like AnTuTu and Geekbench. Here is the latest status update on the current jailbreak landscape, giving you everything that you need to know.

AZE_Exe IOS 15 Bypass ICloud Activation Lock Tool

The release offers important fixes for Apple AirTag, MagSafe, and a number of issues that have been affecting people and that iOS 15.0.2 didn’t address or introduced. Today marks a very important day for the jailbreak community. unc0ver v7.0.0 is NOW OUT with iOS 15.1 support for A12-A14-A15 devices with Cydia Install Free. The very first untethered jailbreak in over 6 years has been released! iOS 15 is the latest available iPhone operating system version. Although it includes multiple facilities, jailbreak iOS will increase plenty of third party facilities. The jailbreak will remove all the unnecessary barriers such as restrictions, limitations, rules, and regulations that were imposed by Apple.

iPadOS / iOS 15.1 Cydia Install

iOS 15 Jailbreak Tweaks: Cydia Sources

unc0ver iOS 15.1

Reasons unc0ver iOS 15.1 Jailbreak iPhone

Jailbreak is the most compatible way to remove those Apple restrictions and all those messy limitations. After jailbreak iPhone, users get the freedom to manage the operating system in a flexible way. There are several reasons to jailbreak iOS 15.1. Most highlighted reasons are Here.

  • Freedom 
  • No restrictions, no limitations 
  • Customizable 
  • Enable iOS hidden features 
  • Download third party apps, tweaks, etc. 
  • Share files between several OS versions 
  • Uninstall default apps 
  • Increase iPhone performance 
  • And there are many benefits. So it is necessary to jailbreak your iPhone whether it is an iPhone or iPad device. 

Linus Henze, a security researcher interested in iOS, has released Fugu14, a fully untethered semi-jailbreak with its own kernel exploit. This has quickly been bundled with Unc0ver which can now jailbreak iOS 15.0.2 down to iOS 15 on A12+. Taurine Jailbreak is also getting updated, however, and they’re already in the process of testing in Corellium. Corellium allows developers to test jailbreaks on virtual devices of any kind to ensure no major bugs are present when they release jailbreak tools. In this video, we discuss what is Fugu14 and why it’s the most important release in over 6 years.

How to Jailbreak iOS 15.1

Some clarification: For the moment you need to install both apps FUGU14 and unc0ver first you need to install fuju14 and then unc0ver 7. If you jailbreak your iPhone, as the next step you can easily download a secondary app store. The default Apple app store included only a limited app collection. But after jailbreak iPhone, users can download thousands of third-party apps, tweaks and it leads to customize the iOS. Jailbroken iPhone allows installing third-party package managers. This will make the iPhone user more comfortable.

Initially, you cannot install Unc0ver without manually installing Fugu14. It is recommended to wait for Unc0ver version embedded with Fugu15 jailbreak.

1. I tested multiple unc0ver builds before the release and they worked just fine.
2. Untether is safe to use as long as you don’t start messing around with the code.
3. An installer for easy installation will probably be available soon-ish

If you are looking for the “too long, didn’t read” version, then the release of iOS 15.0.2 doesn’t affect the landscape at this time. The latest iPhone 13 cannot be jailbroken so it doesn’t affect those users in terms of a jailbreak. Owners of the iPhone X and below will need to wait for a checkra1n compatibility update but iOS 15.0.2 is definitely jailbreakable.

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