How To Unlock iPhone XR Free [iOS 13.4 Update] Activation Lock Removal Bypass

How To Unlock iPhone XR Free running iOS 13.4. Some of the easiest ways to remove activation lock is by using third-party servers or software that allow us to circumvent these restrictions. You may have already searched a bunch of videos in order to find a useful iCloud activation lock removal tool and solve the unlocking issue once and for all. However, you won’t be read this article if the activation lock issue is gone.

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Unlock iPhone XR Download Mac

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Unlock iPhone XR
Unlock iPhone XR

If you are an apple user and you encounter a problem on your iPhone XR as the lock screen is broken, I do not remember the Apple id or the device’s iOS 13.4 pass code is not known. Well, you are coming to the exact place! Let’s take a look at the rest of the article and find out how to get rid of iCloud activation lock!

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How To Unlock iPhone XR Without iOS 13.4 Pass code

Connect the device to the PC using the USB cable.

We expect iTunes to recognize it and show us the iPhone recovery screen.

Enter the activation server.

You will click on the unlock options for iPhone offered by the server.

You will take the iPhone unlock option without pass code.

Enter the device type for this case iPhone XR, iOS 13.4 Version and iMei Number.

Entered the above will click on start iPhone unlock.

We expect the process to finish which takes approximately 5 minutes.

After the process is complete the device will restart. We hope this one ends to set it up as new.

If you want you can also check the status device once unlock.

This is web-based application which enables you to activate iOS 13.4 Device without knowing the password. Just visit its page and make some few clicks, waiting for few days and your device will be unlocked once again.

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jailbreak is a privilege escalation for the purpose of removing software that may be restricting you from fully accessing your iDevice. It will never remove iCloud Activation Lock iOS 13.4. Never trust this kind of method even they can offer the successfully bypassed proof.