This Tool Helps 100% Permanent/Full iCloud bypass XTools iOS 16.4.1 – iOS 16.5

XTools iCloud Unlock Removal

What Is iCloud XTools iCloud Unlock? iOS 16.4.1 – iOS 16.5

The iCloud XTools Ultimate Software is a program that can help you unlock an iCloud locked iOS device. It is promoted as the best solution for second-hand devices that are still connected to the previous owner’s iCloud account.

The program’s numerous promotional websites claim it can unlock all iPhone models including iPhone 12 and all iPad models including iPad Pro. It will also work on all versions of iOS from iOS 16.5.


Secure Download


 Secure Download

iCloud XTools Ultimate Software

How to Use XTools iCloud iOS 16.4.1 – iOS 16.5 Unlock Ultimate Version?

XTools iCloud Ultimate version is easy to use, just follow these steps:

Step 1: Install the program onto your computer and then open it. Sign in using the ID and password that you got when you downloaded the program.

Step 2: Select the device’s model, iOS 16.4.1 – iOS 16.5 version and country, and then input the IMEI and serial number.

Step 3: Connect the device to the computer using USB cables.

Step 4: Click on “DFU mode” and then click “Start” to begin unlocking the device. Once the process is complete, the device will be unlocked.


Secure Download


 Secure Download

iCloud bypass XTools iOS 16.5
iCloud bypass XTools iOS 16.5

We advise against using XTools. While we were unable to test XTools iOS 16.4.1 – iOS 16.5, we found it on a number of scam lists. The main complaint is that users have been asked to pay over $80 for the service but their device was not unlocked.

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Can I Trust XTools iCloud Ultimate?

You may be able to find online activation lock removal services that will work. But the truth is, it can be nearly impossible to tell if a service is a scam or not. This is because many of these tools will ask you to provide the device’s IMEI number and pay for the service upfront. After the payment, you can only hope that the device will be unlocked.

When looking for solutions to unlock an iCloud locked iOS 16.4.1 – iOS 16.5 device, you are bound to come across a wide range of solutions. Each tool has its own process, but they all have one thing in common: they are difficult to download.

iCloud bypass XTools
iCloud bypass XTools

The following are some of the iCloud Unlock tools that we tested:

iCloud Unlock Deluxe – Didn’t Work for us or our Readers

We tested this software very recently and it didn’t work for both iPhone 6 running iOS 11.3 and the iPhone X running iOS 16.4.1. We thought that this tool may work on other versions of iOS, so we offered a download link to our readers and asked for their feedback. But it didn’t work for any of our readers either.

GadgetWide iCloud Bypass Tool- Didn’t Work for Us

To begin with, it is very difficult to find the official website for this tool. We were however able to get a download link for it and tested it. But it didn’t work for the iPhone 5s running iOS 10.2, iPhone 6 running iOS 11.3, and iPhone plus running iOS 13.

Our readers also tested this program and found that it will work on devices running iOS 7 to iOS 9.

Best Alternative to iCloud XTools: iToolab UnlockGo Ultimate

There is no guarantee that XTools iCloud Ultimate will unlock the device.

Therefore, if you would like a solution that is guaranteed to unlock the device, we recommend using iToolab UnlockGo.

UnlockGo is easy to install and even easier to use, allowing you to unlock the device in minutes.

The following are its main features:

  • You can remove the iCloud Activation lock in just a few simple steps without the Apple ID and password.
  • After the removal, you can enjoy all features except calls, cellular and iCloud.
  • Sign out of your iCloud account on iPhone without a password.
  • It can also be used to remove the different types of passcodes from the device including the 6-digit code, the 4-digit code, Face ID, and Touch ID.
  • It is so easy to use you don’t need any tech expertise to unlock the device.

Follow these simple steps to use this program to remove iCloud Activation Lock without Apple ID and Password:

Step 1: Install the program on to your computer and then open it.


Secure Download


 Secure Download

Step 2: In the main window, click on “Remove iCloud Activation Lock” and the click “Start.” Connect the iPhone to the computer using USB cables.

Remove iCloud Activation Lock

3: The program will need to jailbreak the device in order to unlock it and it will automatically download the jailbreak package you need.

Once the download is complete, click “Jailbreak” and then put the device in DFU mode.unlock nowStep

4: When the Jailbreak is complete, click “Remove” and UnlockGo will remove iCloud Activation Lock. You will then be able to easily access all apps and features

bypassed successfully

Pros and Cons of UnlockGo


  • It is very easy to use: you don’t need any technical expertise to use this program.
  • You don’t have to provide any extra information such an IMEI number or the device’s passcode.
  • As soon as the device is unlocked, you will be able to sign in with a new Apple ID to log in to the App store.
  • It will also not be possible to track or erase the device remotely by the previous owner.

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